I have been using Fragrant Melody products for more than 3 years now and I love them. I regularly use the Brown Sugar Facial Scrub and the Facial Toner. I find that they are mild, and they clean without drying. I also appreciate the time that Evelyn has taken to talk with me and to understand my skin care needs. She has used this information to customize the products that she makes for me. The personalized service, as well as the quality and effectiveness of the products make me a regular and very satisfied customer of Fragrant Melody.

I have used Evelyn’s Fragrant Melody products for several years now (for face, body and essential oil blends) and love them all. The facial scrub has been my favourite — one that I buy for myself and as presents. Both the moisturizers, the richer one I use for winter and lighter one for summer, feel as though they absorb into my skin with no feeling of clogging pores. I’m not a fan of toners, but I freely use the Fragrant Melody one. All the products feel natural and nurturing . I never worry about potentially harmful ingredients. 

“How fortunate we are to have a passionate and grounded woman like Evelyn to provide us with inspired beauty and health products made by hand with love. There is no comparison with the vast majority of products on the market today both in quality and results. Her products and services are very much in-line with my desire to live a heart- and community-centered life.”
Caroline Dupont (Author, Spiritual Dierctor, Holisitc Nutritionist)

I have been very happy with Evelyn’s essential oil treatments. She customized a preparation for my hot flashes and night sweats which worked wonders. It smells very pleasant and made a huge difference to my general well being.”

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