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Spice So Nice

          SPICE SO NICE

Recently, I was creating a blend that needed to be calming and centering. I wanted to make something different and the result was Spice So Nice (Yes, that’s the name I have chosen.). Today, I thought I would discuss and explore the ingredients in this yummy blend: Clove, Cinnamon, Cardamon, Bergamot and Valerian.

Spice So Nice smells like vanilla and Christmas with just a touch of citrus. Sometimes when I inhale an oil or blend I feel it resonate in an area of my body. Being a blend composed of mainly digestive oils, its no surprise that I felt the blend relax my abdominal area. Not only is this blend grounding and relaxing, it acts as a nervous system tonic and it is highly antimicrobial. 

Clove Bud was used during the Renaissance in pomanders to protect people from epidemics and plague. Highly antimicrobial, Clove Bud has a broad spectrum action against bacteria and is antiviral. The eugenol content of this oil is 80% so caution should be used when applying to the skin. Always dilute it in a carrier oil and you only need to use a few drops. Clove Bud is analgesic and is well know for its ability to alleviate tooth pain. Clove Bud is carminative (warming) and antispasmodic. It helps to stimulate digestion, and restore appetite. Clove Bud is also an excellent anti inflammatory and can be applied to areas of inflammation in the body provided it is diluted. Finally, Clove Bud is a physical and mental tonic and returns one to a state of relaxed restoration.

Cinnamon Bark and Cinnamon Leaf oil have a reputation of being strong antibacterial agents and are useful for resisting viral infections and contagious disease. Similar to Clove Bud, this oil can be irritating so dilute in a carrier and use in small quantities if applying to the body. Like Clove Bud, Cinnamon is also an excellent gastrointestinal stimulant and is useful for treating disorders of the digestive tract. Cinnamon is very warming so it would be useful in a massage blend when one is fighting a cold or flu. Diffused during the winter months, it can act as a tonic when one is feeling depressed or tired. It is recommended for people who are devitalized and suffering from nervous depression. In general, Cinnamon stimulates circulation, generates warmth, and supports the immune system.

Cardamon is reputed to be one of the oldest spices known and has been used for years in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. Cardamon has anti inflammatory and anti spasmodic properties as well as significant analgesic activity. It is reputed to be a general tonic of the body and is recommended for digestive complaints as well as nervous exhaustion and depression. Cardamon oil is also recommended for catarrhal conditions (excessive mucus) of the respiratory system and chronic bronchtis. 

Bergamot shares similar properties to the preceding oils. It too is antiviral and has been found to inhibit the herpes simplex 1 virus and used with other oils has been useful for treating chicken pox and shingles. Bergamot is a sedating but uplifting oil and as such is recommended for people who are tense, anxious or depressed. It too acts on the digestive system as a carminative and is recommended for nervous indigestion and loss of appetite due to emotional stress.

Valerian is commonly used for insomnia or sleeping disorders of of a nervous nature. Its main function is sedative and as such I added a few drops to enhance the grounding relaxing qualities of this blend. Valerian is not a pleasant smelling oil so I am careful to only add as much as I can get away with.

I would recommend this blend for people that are experiencing anxiety or nervous tension, especially as it relates to appetite. People experiencing grief would be another good candidate. In general this blend is a nerve tonic that will be well received as it does smell yummy. This blend is especially nice during the winter months as it is warming and anti-microbial. This oil could be used in a massage oil if one feels a cold or flu coming on and it can be diffused in the house as a preventative to ward off sickness. Spice So Nice can be added to water and used as a disinfectant around the house as well. 

5 ml, $20

 Ravensara, My Boundaries are clearly defined.

As I navigate the twisty path of self awareness, meditation and my Clear Being workshops have revealed to me patterns and topics for contemplation. I recently came across the quote, Before I built a wall, I’d ask to know what i was walling in or walling out. Robert Frost This quote got me contemplating the walls I have and what purpose they serve. While my focus has been on resistance and my walls acting as barriers to a fuller, richer experience, once I read the Blossoming Heart Reflection for the oil this quote belonged to, I realized that walls can also be healthy such as when we create personal boundaries.

Ravensara smells similar to eucalyptus and contains 1,8cineole which is also found in eucalyptus. On a physical level, Ravensara exhibits strong antiviral action, particularly against the flu, especially when combined with eucalyptus radiata. At the first signs of chills, shivers or tiredness, this is the first oil you should turn to. It is also highly effective in the treatment of bronchitis, rhinitis and sinusitis. It boosts the immune system and is an expectorant as well. Ravensara is also a good nerve tonic and can be used to revitalize people who suffer from physical or nervous fatigue.

On an emotional level, Ravensara teaches us about learning how to define one’s boundaries. Defining and maintaining healthy boundaries is integral to self empowerment. As Robbi Zeck states in The Blossoming Heart, “Learn to say no! And remember “no” is a complete sentence. As we work with the energy of ravensara we move from a place of being tentative to a place of acting definite. We learn to become aware of our own needs and educate others how to treat us well.

When working with ravensara for emotional healing, place a drop of the oil in your palm or on a popsicle stick. Sit in quiet meditation and reflect on the affirmation, My boundaries are  clearly defined. Ask yourself the following questions: Is there an area in your life where you feel taken advantage of in your relationships?, Do you find it difficult to say no? How could you set different boundaries? 1 As you allow each question to drop into your being like a pebble in the water, become aware of what images, emotions or insights come to you. Where do these emotions sit in your body. Allow yourself to be with whatever arises without judgement or action. Every time you find yourself faced with this challenge, incorporate ravensara into your routine by  either adding a drop to a cotton ball and wearing it tucked in your bra, diffusing it, meditating with it, adding it to your bath and so on. Let ravensara remind you of the importance of setting healthy boundaries.

1. Zeck, Robbi. The Blossoming Heart: Aromatherapy for Healing and Transformation Aroma Tours, Australia 2008 pg 109.


Creating Creams and the Delights of Rose

When I first began making creams, there was definitely much frustration and many tossed batches. Once I learned the proper proportion of oil to water to emulsifier, my results became more consistent and I was able to explore ingredients and the properties I wished to add to my creams.  In general, my intention is to add as much nutrition and therapeutic qualities into every formula I create while still using natural whole ingredients. Many ingredients also duplicate properties and help compound the therapeutic benefits of my creams.

One of my main criterion is that the cream hydrate the skin. Fundamentally, this is the main reason we apply creams to our skin. Certain vegetable oils like avocado, sesame and hazlenut oil will actually penetrate the upper layers of the skin. This makes them especially helpful in a formulation. Essentail oils of rose otto and palmarosa have hydrating properties as does rose hydrosol.

Certain essential oils such palmarosa  and geranium will balance the sebum production of the skin. This makes them valuable in oily skin formulas. Jojoba oil has a similar effect on sebum production and is an oil that is suitable for all skin types, whether dry oily or sensitive.

Many ingredients that I work with have regenerative properties. By promoting cellular regeneration my creams help combat wrinkles and repair sun and wind damage. Such ingredients include the essential oils of frankincense, palmarosa, neroli, lavender, Rosehip oil and argan oil. To reduce inflammation, I would incorporate the essential oils of lavender, rose, neroli and calendula oil.  Rose, sandalwood and witch hazel, tone the skin and act as astringents.

I also add vitamins to my creams such as vitamin C, zinc, vitamin E and vitamin A (infused carrot oil) to provide anti oxidants. Antioxidant vitamin C brightens skin, encourages collagen production, improves elasticity, and works along with skin-softening vitamin E to protect skin from environmental aggressors. Both Vitamin A and E are great anti-aging nutrients and Vitamin E acts as a preservative for my creams.

I am always looking at new ways to enhance my formulas and I often buy new ingredients even if I am not sure exactly what I will do with them. I often find that there was a reason I was drawn to something and its use will become clear eventually. I also find it hard to stick to a standard recipe all the time as the possibilities are endless. This is why I love it when clients make special requests.

Rose: Rosa damascena

My Evelyn Rose is blooming and what a fragrance! I once met an elderly man who was an accomplished gardener and believed a flower without a scent had no soul. With this philosophy in mind, he planted only fragrant flowers. Every day he would enjoy the scent of his flowers, inhaling their intoxicating aroma and reciprocating with an exhalation of CO2 rich air. It was this elderly man who introduced me to the Evelyn rose and it has been love ever since.

No other flower has been exalted in literature and mythology or used for so many sacred purposes as the rose. It symbolizes love, beauty, youth, perfection and immortality. Rose oil is one of the most complex essential oils known and contains more than 300 chemical compounds of which the greater part is still unidentified.

Rose oil is valuable for the treatment of gynological problems and is considered a tonic for the uterus. It regulates menstruation, relieves menstrual cramps and excessive menstrual bleeding. Rose oil is also sedating and can be used to calm the nerves. Consequently it may be useful for the treatment of palpitations, irritability and insomnia. In skin care, rose oil is an excellent emollient, it both softens and hydrates the skin. Because it has an astringent effect on the capillaries, it can be used to treat broken capillaries, redness and inflammation. The essential oil along with the hydrosol are thereby beneficial for those suffering from rosacea. Rose oil is excellent for dry, mature or sensitive skin and I use it in all my mature skin formulations.

On an emotional level, rose opens the heart and soothes feelings such as fear, anger and anxiety. Rose is assigned to the heart and heart chakra. It brings joy to the heart and offers comfort in times of sorrow. It has the ability to dissolve pshycological pain, refreshes a sad heart and opens the door to love.  In The Blossoming Heart, rose oil represents the emotions  LOVED-ISOLATED. The affirmation is “I surrender into the fragrant nectar of my heart.”

In The Blossoming Heart Robbi Zeck’s reflection on rose oil beautifully expresses the power of the rose. “During the times when you feel unloved and isolated, contemplate if you are not being loving enough in your world. Often unhappy moments are really a mirror for us to learn a new way of being and invite a call to action to attract greater love into our lives….It is important to show the people you love, your love. Our most meaningful journeys need to be undertaken alone in a solitary fashion. And yet, from that point of quiet isolation comes an alchemy that can transform our spiritual lives. The word alone was once treated as two words meaning all one . Aloneness can bring a great gift as we take refuge in the sanctuary of silence. Take a sacred pause, reflect deeply, authentically and quietly caress your softly blossoming heart. The rose of life and love spirals in fragrant celebration as you fully embrace the divine Beloved within. “

Heart Blossom, 5ml: This blend is designed to open and support the heart chakra. Rose Otto 10%, Neroli 10 %( non cert organic), Bergamot $22

Rose Otto, 5ml:  10% dilute $26

Rose Parfume, 10 ml roller bottle: Jojoba Oil (pesticide free), rose 10% dilute $15

Rose Body Cream, 250ml: Distilled Water, Organic Rose Hydrosol, Avocado Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Carrot Oil, Sesame Oil, Emulsifying Wax, Stearic Acid, Witch Hazel, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Essential Oils of rose 10% dilute and palmarosa(organic). $22



Fragonia and New Offerings


Australian, steam distilled $15 / 5ml

Sometimes I purchase an oil that intrigues me and then I sit on it for a bit until the time is right to explore it’s unique properties.  Fragonia is such an oil.  Peta and John Day of the Paperbark Company have trademarked the common name Fragonia™ as they are the first and only growers and distillers of this unique oil.

There has been extensive research since 2000 on Fragonia by botanists, aromatherapists, practitioners,  manufacturers, The University of West Australia, and Dr. Daniel Penoel. Fragonia™ seems to be an oil that brings harmony to the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the body and psyche.

Closely related to  Tea Tree, Fragonia is considered a top note and has what I would describe as a delicate citrusy eucalyptus smell.  Chemically, the oxides, monoterpenes and monoterpenols are balanced in a 1:1:1 ratio which explains it’s balancing properties.

On the physical level, Fragonia is significantly anti-microbial and thereby excellent for sinus and respiratory infections. It is also effective against Candida, tonsillitis, and staphylococcus aureus. Fragonia is a decongestant, gentle expectorant and immune builder.  It can be applied to your lymph glands in the neck, armpits and groin to boost the immune system. Gentle on the skin, Fragonia is good for kids as an alternative to Tea Tree.

It is in the realm of mind and spirit that Fragonia shines. Fragonia is amazingly powerful on the mind and emotions. There are case studies where individuals using Fragonia were able to release long standing emotional blockages .  Dramatic results were experienced in the upper chakra areas. This can help with exploring unresolved core issues and can transform troubled family relationships. There seems to be increased self awareness and insight, with activation of memory of past events and an ability to resolve old issues.

I have found that since I have been using it memories have been coming to my attention especially ones triggered by scent. At the top of the spine, at the base of the skull there is an emotional release point which acts as a filter for the nervous system and spine. By applying Fragonia to this reflex point the nervous system will relax, allowing feelings, emotions and thoughts to be processed differently. Brisk friction along the spine is also  an important aspect of this release, strengthening the neural pathways. This aspect can be challenging to accomplish on your own unless you are really flexible but give it a go.

The Blossoming Heart  affirmation is ” I carry the light of loving dignity within me.”

New Offerings

With summer and sunshine upon us I have created a Fun in the Sun Skincare lotion and spray. I have never been a huge fan of suntan lotions and either am careful about my sun exposure or apply products that rejuvenate  and nourish my skin,  especially after being in the sun for an extended period of time. Both products are designed to heal and soothe inflamed sun-damaged skin. Ingredients such as lavender, tumeric, aloe vera and calendula help regenerate our cells and repair sun damage.  Sea Buckthorn and green tea supply the skin with anti-oxidants that protect and nourish your cells.

250 ml Lotion: Distilled water, Aloe Vera Juice, Organic Hydrosols of Lavender, Geranium and Calendula,  Refined Avocado Oil, Cold Pressed Apricot Kernel Oil, Infused Carrot Oil,  Infused Organic Calendula Oil, Emulsifying Wax, Stearic Acid, Vitamin E and C, Zinc Oxide, Grape Seed Extract, Sea Buckthorn and Green Tea Tincture, Essential Oils of Turmeric CO2 (org), Lavender (org)  CO2 Combination (Calendula Select,  Rose Hip Seed and Sea Buckthorn Berry), Roman Chamomile (org), Tea Tree.

$25 120 ml Spray: Organic Hydrosols of Lavender, Geranium, and Calendula, Aloe Vera Juice, Sea Buckthorn and Green Tea Tincture, Essential Oils of Turmeric CO2 (org), Lavender (org)  CO2 Combination (Calendula Select,  Rose Hip Seed and Sea Buckthorn Berry), Roman Chamomile (org), Tea Tree.  $20      

The Magic of Yarrow, and Diffusing Essential Oils


Achillea millefolium

Well spring looks like it might finally be here to stay. I have been nosing about the garden and am looking forward to gardening. I have some yarrow planted in my garden and ever since I bought this yarrow, I have found that I have been enjoying this essential oil more and more. Yarrow belongs to the same family as Roman and German Chamomile. Its blue colour is due to the presence of azulenes which are also in German Chamomile.

Therapeutically, yarrow has been highly valued for its treatment of wounds. It is antiseptic, astringent, and anti-inflammatory. It may be used to soothe irritated skin, help heal infections, and used in compresses may be useful for eczema and allergic skin reactions. For the reproductive system, yarrow promotes and regulates menstrual flow. It is recommended as a balancing remedy during menopause. It’s because of this hormonal balancing quality that I believe I am so drawn to yarrow. During hormonal changes the oil keeps psychological equilibrium intact and supports the reorganisation of shifting energies.

Energetically, yarrow helps to balance the yin and yang energies within our body. This makes this oil a perfect companion in times of major life changes such as mid-life crisis, menopause or other times of transition. According to The Blossoming Heart, by Robbi Zeck, yarrow represents the emotions Erratic-Balanced and the affirmation for yarrow is “I am the balance point n my life.” Mostly I turn to yarrow when I feel erratic and out of control. It’s deep camphoraceuous odour grounds and soothes me. I tend to use it on a cotton pad and tuck it in my bra or put a drop in my palm, sit and inhale it. I have given it to others diluted in a base oil, in a roller bottle to apply to the body. I would not describe it as a pretty scent but I have grown to love it. I am always happy to share if you are interested.

diffuserDiffusing essential oils is a wonderful way to change the mood in your home and receive the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. Inhaling essential oils is a highly effective way to receive benefit of them. Via inhalation, essential oils enter our nose and will affect our limbic system, the emotional part of the brain. They act on the endocrine system to restore harmony within our bodies. Essential oils that we inhale enter our lungs and dissolve into our bloodstream and they act on any diseases of the respiratory system. It is little wonder that diffusing and inhalation is one of the best ways to receive benefit from essential oils.

Steam Inhalation : This method is ideal for colds and sinus infections. Add 2-3 drops of essential oil in 600 ml bowl of hot water. Drape a towel over the head to create a tent. Breathe in steam for 1-2 min only. Repeat 2-4 times

Vaporization: This method diffuses an essential oil into a room. If you are meditating, using an oil burner is a great way to diffuse oils in your mediation space and enhance the meditation experience. Typically I would use 5-10 drops of oil in an oil burner. Although oil burners are inexpensive to purchase I find the oil and water in the reservoir disappear quickly and if left unattended , once the water evaporates, you burn oil residue in the bottom of the reservoir

My favourite means of diffusing is using an ultrasonic nebulizer. I have a graveyard of diffusers but once I bought the nebulizer, I never looked back. Typically I add 10-20 drops of essential oils to the nebulizer. It diffuses up to 8 hrs depending on which setting you use and turns off on its own. The oil and water is converted to a fine cold mist that is easily absorbed via the respiratory system. In that respect you receive full benefit of the oil. I use it to diffuse oils for mood and for respiratory ailments. If someone has a cold or cough, I leave it in the room with them. Not only does the invalid receive the healing benefits of the oil but others who inhale the remedy receive the protective benefits of the oil. Also, the fine mist from the nebulizer hydrates the air which is helpful in the winter. Although this method is more expensive, I feel it is worth the investment especially if you love diffusing essentia